urbansubsonic (2009)

23rd Street, Saskatoon


urbansubsonic is a field study using urban structures and chance events as material to construct a sonic map of a site in downtown Saskatoon. Recordings employ a 1913 prism glass sidewalk as a soundboard with 4 microphones positioned spatially. As pedestrians traversed its 90′ long surface, the membrane vibrated with the impact of their actions. Filtered through an aggregate of glass, concrete, wood and metal, pedestrian sound events  fuse with the room tone and acoustics of the contained space, creating a murky yet distinctly urban sonic sensibility. The composition is a 24’00 time-based sampler from twenty-four hours of field recordings.

<LISTEN_1>   urbansubsonic (03:15-04:01)    00’46

<LISTEN_2>   urbansubsonic (04:20 – 05:13)  00’53

<LISTEN_3>   urbansubsonic (0:00 – 08:34)    00’33

<LISTEN_4>   urbansubsonic (13:37 – 14:43)   00’56

<LISTEN_5>   urbansubsonic (23:35 – 24:00)  00’25