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a rested development (2021)

a rested development is a collaborative sound and moving image work with Eeva Siivonen that used chance as a process to develop a sequence of autonomous elements that intersect and diverge in their unfoldings. This method allowed for coincidental alignments and collisions between images and sounds. The result is a constellation of images that expand and contract within the undulations and oscillations of sound. Eeva (moving image) and I (sound) developed our media independently. We used a simple analog chance process to assemble our different media into a video. The results are a magical intersection of sound and image.

a rested development was presented in -AND- the second iteration of Christof Migone’s 12-12-12, an annual on-line performative series that takes place from noon to midnight.

The CD project is an extension of the performative series; the sound track for the moving image was was divided into six discrete tracks of sound.