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2018: Troy Gronsdahl and Ellen Moffat in conversation:

2015: Blair Fornwald, “On Language and the Limits of Legibility”, At the Dunlop, July 2015

2011: J Morton: “Let’s Be Clear: Metaphor and Music in the Media Art of Ellen Moffat”, PAVED Arts, Saskatoon

2011: Charlotta Kotik, “Marking Space, a Collaborative Drawing, Performance and Sound Project”, Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn

2009: COMP OSE, College | Kenderdine Art Gallery, DVD, essays by A Gérin, M Lovrod, intro by Kent Archer

2005: Fault Lines, MacKenzie Art Gallery, DVD & Audio CD, intro by P Deadman

2005: Guessed House, AKA Gallery, Saskatoon, essay by Donna Wawzonek

2004: BLOW, Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, essay by Betsy Warland, Audio CD

2002: Re-Imaging the Prairie Icon, catalogue, essay by David Garneau, The Little Gallery, Prince Albert

2000: The Infinite Between, essay by Leslie Thompson, Gallery 44, Toronto

1999: Fixations, essay by Robert Zingone, Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery, Halifax

1999: Shades of Black and White, artist book/catalogue, essay by Vera Lemecha



2015: Urban Encounters, Martha Radice & Alexadrine  Boudreault-Fournier, ed., McGill-Queen’s University Press (upcoming)

2009: Sighting, Citing, Siting, K Irwin & R MacDonald, ed., Canadian Plains Research Centre, Regina

2008: Playing with Words, Cathy Lane, ed., CRiSAP, London College of Communication, London



2014: Yam Lau, “A Case in Physiognomic Reading”, BlackFlash Magazine, Winter

2009: Marie Lovrod, “Sounding Capacities for Co-Creation”, FUSE, Summer

2006:  K Wilson, “Mama Wetotan/Crossfiring: The Claybank Project”, BlackFlash, Spring, V 24.3

2005:  J Anderson, “Ellen Moffat: Fault Lines”, Border Crossings, Spring No. 94

2004:  A Gérin, “BLOW (Radical Poetry)”, Espace, Fall

2003:  “Speculations and Speculative Fictions”, Martha Rosler with FLEAS, Art Forum, Nov

2002:  S Vida, “Passage: The Photographic Works of Ellen Moffat and…”,  BlackFlash, Sept. V 20.1

2002:  G Beatty, “Spasm”, Artichoke, Winter

2002:  D Wilson, “Spasm”. Mix Magazine, Summer

1999:  “The Crossing” Surveyor / Eye, Saturday Night, May

1998:  J Anderson, “Examining our capacity for imagination”, Leader-Post, Dec. 5

1996   G Beatty, “Artist-in-residence in Ft Qu’Appelle…” Leader-Post, Dec. 21

1995   K Donovan, “Art as Criticism”, Newest Review, June/July

1995  G Beatty, “R Chambers & E Moffat, Inside Outside”, Espace, vol. 31, Spring



2014: “To Play or To be Played Article” DAG Volumes, Dunlop Art Gallery

2012: “Affective Space, Locative Bodies” with Kim Morgan, Ambiances International, Montreal

2012: “Sounding Space”, Blackflash, Saskatoon

2011: “The Circulation of Fluids: Catherine Béchard & Sabin Hudon”, AKA Gallery, Saskatoon

2009: “Media Art, Interactivity & Play”, with Michelle Kasprzak, BlackFlash 2.0 Project, Saskatoon

2008: “Claybank Voices…”, Siting, Sighting, Citing, Canadian Plains Research Centre, Regina

2007: “the colour of (an) echo”. aneco new public art, City of Saskatoon, SK

2007: “Claybank Voices: The Specificity of (T)here”, Canadian Theatre Review, U of T Press

2006: “Of Reputations and Memories”, Secret Regina, Canadian Plains Research Centre, Regina

2005: “Blur: Andrew Forster’s Cinema”, Fuse Magazine, Toronto

2004: Off the Map, a conversation with Jack Anderson, Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina

2004: Spasm: The Couture of Contemporaneity, Paved Art+ New Media and AKA Gallery, Saskatoon

2003: “beyond the local: green and rootless”, Spasmodic: A Public Affair, paved Art + New Media, Saskatoon

2001: “Mike MacDonald: Touched by the Tears of a Butterfly”, Interplay, The Photographers Gallery, Saskatoon

2000: Ascensions: Karen Skoronski, The Little Gallery, Prince Albert

2000: Mon Travail: Andrée Martinson, The Little Gallery, Prince Albert

1999:“Art and Anonymity”, The Craft Factor, Winter Vol 23.3

1998/99: “Artists in Their Studios: Profiles”, CARFAC Newsletter (March, May)



2001: Transitive, artist book/catalogue, with Audio CD