TRACK (2002)


Prince Albert and Saskatoon

Track is an interactive public survey about time, daily activity and location. Participants clock in on a digital time recorder to enter the work; they receive a copy of a time sheet as a receipt. Then they proceeded with their business. To exit the work, they need to clock out with me and the time recorder. Participants who do not punch out live in the work for the rest of their lives.


There are two versions of the project. Track 1 surveyed the public space in downtown Saskatoon. I positioned myself in sites including street corners, park benches and a street market to engage with potential participants as faux scientist-surveyor. This version was part of the SPASM Public Art Project in Saskatoon. Track 2 used a gallery as its sociological site. Participants punched the time recorder upon entering and exiting the gallery, recording the length of time they spent in the gallery and with art. The results were published in the Gallery’s newsletter as a public record. The Little Gallery, Prince Albert.