Surface Resonance (2017)

Gallery 12-14 Schleifmuhlgasse Contemporary, Vienna

Surface Resonance is a situated sound installation using the gallery’s windows as amplifiers with surface excitors as transducers to connect interior and exterior space as acoustic interfaces. The composition, constructed around harmonics and frequency modulation, references the serial method of the Viennese School. Sound is heard and felt as tangible, embodied experience through direct contact with the vibrating glass membrane. Ambient sound from the gallery mixes with sounds of the street, generating an evolving composition of fluctuating sound. The work was included in Discs, a 2-person exhibition with Michael Koch, curated by Denise Parizek.










Sound Samples: Field Recordings

Headphones or Speakers Required

<LISTEN>   Surface Resonance_Inside    01’58

<LISTEN>   Surface Resonance _Outside   01’35