Small Sonorities (2017-)

Physical interfaces, materials, objects, surface exciters, and frequency modulation produce audible and physical vibration. In a stand where it did shake, objects positioned on the vibrating interfaces create small,  percussive, localized sound in reaction to the signal. The work is an installation and performance. In performance, I work with the dynamics and rhythms of the component elements and their kinetic actions, sound and silence. Group Exhibition, Latitude 53, Edmonton, 2018

 a stand where it did shake, 2018

A Pen. A Sponge.: Low frequency signal transferred to physical interfaces via vibrotactile transducers results in a kinetic sonic performance. Cycles of frequency modulation trigger material sonic actions as recurring composition of acoustic-electronic sound. A stylus circumnavigates  around the interior perimeter of a glass bowl as spectral sonic writing. A sponge moves in the speaker cone to create sonic texture. Touring Exhibition (Chatham, Toronto, London, Hamilton, Guelph) organized by Vibration Fusion Lab, 2017-2020

A Pen. A Sponge., 2017


Study in FM: Variation: Base frequencies relate to states of mind and body and the Earth’s electro-magnetic field. Kinetic and sonic actions of materials add a layer of analog sound. The empirical combines with experimental play in an endless loop of recurring signal. Group Exhibition, Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, Saskatoon, 2017

Study in FM_V#2-crpt

                                                                         Study in FM: Variation, 2017