Basement Suite (2009)

Basement Suite started in my domestic space. The living room floor became a soundboard for experimental sound making and the crawl space a recording studio and listening chamber. Participants performed the floor using extended techniques for sound generation with objects (furniture, pill bottle, boots, shoes, sponge, tuning forks, glockenspiel), animal and body parts (dog, knuckles, heels) and actions (walking, dancing, moving furniture, sweeping, knocking). Captured by contact microphones, I edited the recordings into an 8-channel psycho-acoustic composition for in-house and a gallery installation. 2-person exhibition, Open Space, Victoria, curated by Ted Hiebert & David Cechetto,


basssess_install11Physical elements of the gallery installation link to architectural and acoustic aspects of the domestic space. Suspended wooden platforms suggest a fragmented floating floor; speakers and a light fixture reference the house installation. The composition layers somatic rhythms, percussive beats and sustained phrases into an open narrative of spatialized sound.

basesess_detail_web<LISTEN> BasementSuite  01’14

In-House Sound Recording + Installation, Saskatoon