becoming again beginning undone (2021)

Small sounds, image, text, rhythms, and tonalities bleed into and mix with each other, transgressing the borders of space and containment. A techno-organic sound installation of matter and found materials is transcribed into an evolving notation of sound objects and text. Video animations mix and remix the language of sound in fleeting text-images of sense and non-sense. A bench-platform augments the physical sensation of sound. The sonic sensibility of becoming, beginning, undoing, and redoing connects the listener to sounds of difference and to language as a new symbolic space of subjective, objective, and collective relations. Sound, text, the senses, and cognition perform their becomings and beginnings, undone again.

Sound Installation & details: becoming again beginning undone
Projection & Sound Bench: becoming again beginning undone

Walk-through: BecomingAgainBeginningUndone.mp4 from Ellen Moffat on Vimeo.

Video still
Video still

Triptych Text Animation: