Small Sonorities (2017-2018)

Small Sonorities extends my exploration of materials, frequency modulation, and signal transfer in kinetic-sonic performative installations, inspired by Gertrude Stein’s experimental text, Tender Buttons. Stein performs everyday objects in her writing through rotation and transformation to shift perception, spatial orientation, form and meaning. As a series, this body of work includes sound installation, performance, and a video of performing objects, commissioned by Remai as a Web project, 2017. (See PERFORMATIVE: Material Signals)

A Little Piece of String presents an unfolding composition of spatialized sound using a serial algorithm for signal generation, material juxtapositions and kinetic events amplified by transducers. I work with the acoustic properties of banal materials, digital processing, material interactions and repetition, transforming the same into difference to guide the listener through the space of the gallery. The installation was performed as a 2-person improvisation with new music artist, Jeff Morton. Solo Exhibition, Remai Modern, Saskatoon, 2018

A Little Piece of String, 2018

Interview with curator Troy Gronsdahl:

<LISTEN 1> Installation

<LISTEN 2> Performance with Installation, with Jeff Morton


In a stand where it did shake, the juxtaposition of physical interfaces, materials, objects and frequencies produces audible and physical vibration. Objects positioned on the vibrating interfaces create intimate, localized, kinetic percussive sound in response to the frequency modulated sound. As a performer, I work with the dynamics and the rhythms of the component elements and their kinetic actions, sound and silence. Group Exhibition, Latitude 53, Edmonton, 2018

 a stand where it did shake, 2018

A Pen. A Sponge.: Low frequency signal transferred to physical interfaces via vibrotactile transducers causes material events resulting in kinetic sonic performance. The rhythmic composition of cycles of frequency modulation triggers material sonic actions. A stylus circumnavigates  around the interior perimeter of a glass bowl as a ghostly sonic writing. As the sponge moves in the speaker cone, creating sonic texture. Touring Exhibition (Chatham, Toronto, London, Hamilton, Guelph) organized by Vibration Fusion Lab, 2017-2020










A Pen. A Sponge., 2017


Study in FM: Variation: Base frequencies relate to states of mind and body and the Earth’s electro-magnetic field. Kinetic and sonic actions of materials add a layer of analog sound. The empirical combines with experimental play in an endless loop of recurring signal. Group Exhibition, Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, Saskatoon, 2017

Study in FM_V#2-crpt









Study in FM: Variation, 2017