Small Sonorities (2017-2018)

Remai Modern, Saskatoon, 2018

Small Sonorities is a series of works as installation, performance and video that explores relations of signal, materials and physical interfaces as variables. A Little Piece of String (2018) presents an evolving composition of generated sound, with transducers and assorted materials to amplify the signal. The installation was performed as a 2-person improvisation with Jeff Morton.

Also see Material Signals, Remai Web Commission, 2017, (PERFORMATIVE).

A Little Piece of String, 2018

Interview with curator Troy Gronsdahl:

A Pen. A Sponge, 2017

Touring Exhibition with Vibration Fusion Lab, 2017-2019











This series explores the acoustic properties of materials as a study of sound relations. Low frequency signal transferred to physical interfaces via vibrotactile transducers triggers material events resulting in kinetic sonic performance. The rhythmic composition fluctuates through cycles of frequency modulation and material sonic actions. Video:

Study in FM_V#2-crpt









Study in FM: Variation #2


Base frequencies relate to states of mind and body and the Earth’s electro-magnetic field. Kinetic and sonic actions of materials add a layer of analog sound. The empirical combines with experimental play in an endless loop of recurring signal.