she i her (2012-2015)


she i her is an open work of image, text, video, sound and light. Language(s) intersects with somatic rhythms, experimental writing with structure, and knowing with uncertainty with overlapping subjectivities. Texts by Woolf, Stein and Cixous, and walking through Parisian streets as a dérive were my influences and process. I privileged direct experience before language. Woolf and Stein’s texts opened up the imperceptible and chance, stream of consciousness and language/word play. Cixous proposed writing as a form of journeying through the world using one’s body as transport. The project is an iterative exploration of processes, materials, visualization and analysis of sound.


Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina

Video (6’08):

Curatorial Essay: she i her_Curatorial_At the Dunlop

The interdisciplinary installation uses disjunctive elements, integrated as a poetic, conceptual and progressive inquiry into language, translation and transcription. Media includes videos as animated notation, performative text and field recordings using projection and flat screen monitors and intoned sound (vocal, strings and virtual piano. Laser-cut prints on paper are glyphs of the original text. The project has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions.

SIH_SnelgroveSIH_SnelgroveSheIHer_SnelgGordon Snelgrove Gallery, University of Saskatchewan