ping ting tootle (2013)

Walper Hotel, CAFKA, Kitchener

3_Railing_Hand1Aping ting tootle is a situated installation in the main stairwell of the Walper Hotel using existing fixtures, transducers, and live and recorded sound. Contact mics positioned behind brass handrails capture events on their surface — a hand sliding, a ring pinging, fingers strumming — and trigger recordings of spoken word and cell phone rings. Hotel guests, staff and visitors perform the stairwell through intentional or chance actions, releasing or creating spoken word, technological tones and percussive rhythms. Output to multiple speakers, sound animates the stairwell as residue and improvisational sound.

<LISTEN_1>  PingTing4   00’25

<LISTEN_2>  PingTing3   00’25