Claybank Voices: How Men Made White Mud into Cape Canaveral (2006)

Mama-Wetotan/Crossfirings: The Claybank Project, Claybank, SK


Claybank Voices is a 24-channel sound installation of spoken word, music and machinery sounds as a meditation on labour history and the transition of a site of industrial production into one of cultural presentation. Audio speakers, placed in the flue holes of the kiln, broadcast sound to interior and exterior spaces. The script was developed as a ‘found’ document from archives and recorded by community members as local, non-professional voices. The fugue movement from Benjamin Britten’s Cello Suites was recorded in situ. Factory sounds include a brick press, tamping press, metal lathe and factory whistle, all from the site. Together, the multiple voices, industrial sounds and classical music propose an eighteen minute polyphonic composition of deconstructed sound with a seven-voice chorus.



<LISTEN> ClaybankVoices  01’33