Civil Fugue (2004)

Future Cities, Art Gallery of Hamilton


Civil Fugue uses the panels of bicycle stands in downtown Hamilton to mount twelve image and text panels as a gesture of repositioning local voices in the public sphere. The text was generated through meetings with participants from diverse sectors in the city as a sampler of attitudes about the future public space in Hamilton. Juxtaposed with a satellite image of Hamilton, the text maps the voice as a live feed of public opinion.

civilfugue10200 civilfugue5200

Guessed House (2004)

AKA Gallery, Saskatoon


The three-person, two-part project with Linda Duvall and Rachelle Viader Knowles involved a performative action in a house of a total stranger and a subsequent gallery installation. The action of inhabiting the house of a stranger for a weekend (the owner spent the time at a holiday hotel) was intended to open up an exploration of questions relating to home, fiction and boundaries. We never met the owner. The resulting exhibition used a loose interpretation of the initial experience.  Catalogue with essay by Donna Wawzonek. Exhibited at AKA Gallery, Saskatoon.