Book Table Chair

Interdisciplinary collaboration (dance, new music/theatre) and independent projects using Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons as source material and influence. Stein shifts the identity and stability of words as perceptual, spatial and playful experiment. Her emphasis on sound and rhythms over rational sense privilege the body, sound and the mind state over conventional meaning.

Book Chair Table (2014): a new media chamber music theatre piece for oboe, double bass, voice and electro-acoustic instrument by composer and vocalist, Lia Pas. My instrument uses materials, objects and actions for sound and image creation. The composition involves fixed and improvisational elements, repetition and experimentation with polyphonic sound and projection. Performed in Core Series V, a collaboration of PAVED Arts and the Saskatoon Symphony.


Book Table Chair (2013): a sound and movement research intensive with dancer Kathryn Ricketts.¬†Our inquiry into text, character, sound and story uses physical objects, and live and spoken word (female and male) recordings of Stein’s text to explore relations of objects, movement, sound, space and performative actions. Experimentation and improvisation opened up our process as interdisciplinary investigation. The project was supported by Nightswimming Theatre’s Pure Research.





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