Sound, image and text are central to my installation and performative projects. Rooted in the vocabulary of sculpture – the body, space and materiality – my primary media is sound reflecting a poetic inquiry into resonance, social relations and perception. Since 2002 my sound installations have ranged from 24-channel installations of fragmented spoken word with fixed compositions to site-specific field recordings to intoned vocal sound recordings. My electro-acoustic interfaces employ various methods, strategies and techniques for experimental sound-making using materials, objects, physical controllers, transducers, hi-low aesthetics and analog and digital technology. My recent production includes research into visualization of sound and the sonification of data.

My work has been exhibited throughout Canada and internationally in Paris, Tel Aviv, Copenhagen, New York, Florida and Venice as independent, collaborative and interdisciplinary projects. I have completed numerous research and production residencies, contract cultural work as an instructor, writer and program coordinator.

I am a Professional Affiliate with Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Saskatchewan (2011-2020) and was a member of Tracing the City, an interdisciplinary SSHRC-Creation and Production (2011-14).

Born in Toronto, I have lived and worked throughout Canada. I currently live in Saskatoon.